We started integrating coding into our math curriculum in 2017 and found it to be a game changer for kids.  Not only does programming hit intended math outcomes and add depth in an interdisciplinary way, but kids love it!  It gives them a way to express themselves in a personalized way on a free, artistic, and social platform like Scratch.  

Scratch platform introduction

New to Scratch? Watch this short tutorial that teaches the general platform of Scratch through a math lens. Even if you are new to coding, after watching this video,  you will find success with any of the lessons below. 

Lesson 1: Programming any formula

LESSON 2: Dueling Discounts

LESSON 3: Coin Flip

LESSON 4: Graphing Slope-Intercept Form

LESSON 5: Systems of equations

LESSON 6: Coordinate Plane

LESSON 7: Recipe Proportion Calculator

LESSON 8: Hypnotic Squares

LESSON 9: playful polygons

LESSON 10: Subtracting integers race game

LESSON 11: Pythagorean Theorem Solver

LESSON 12: Growing patterns translations

LESSON 13: Geoguessr Simulation